Anticipated Cyber Command Headed To Barksdale AFB

It's the words many have been waiting to hear, and on Wednesday night, they finally did. "We are establishing on the birthday of the Air Force the interim Cyber Command right here provisionally sitting here."
And with those words,the much highly anticiapted Cyber Cmmand landed at Barksdale Air Force Base, at least until a formal announcement is made. Wednesday night before a crowd at the Horseshoe Casino, Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne made the annoucement, and even though it's not official just yet, people like the odds. "I'm not involved with the military process, but i think last nights announcement from the secretary of the air force laid some great ground work for the future of the command to be at Barksdale."
David Rockett with the Bossier Economic and Development says even without a formal announcement, plans are still going ahead with the new state of the art facility for the command. And with the news comes the potential econmomic growth to the area. According to the Bossier Chamber of Commerce, the project could bring more than a billion dollars to the region, along with thousands of jobs.
With the potential of the many jobs set to come to the area because of the Cyber Command, what better way to fill them through a job fair.At a Veterans job fair in Bossier today, Veterans already out of the service, or those about to leave like Curtis Buren, say the potential to work at the new cyber command is great opportunity. "I mean that would be a good thing for me, because i'm just branching out, and new to the area, that would work."