Jessica Simpson Talks About Movie Making in Shreveport

Twice now Jessica Simpson has been in Northwest Louisiana filming two different movies. The first movie, 'Blonde Ambition', was filmed in January. The other, 'Major Movie Star', was filmed just this past summer. While Simpson says she likes Louisiana, the weather she can pass on. "It's very hot here in Louisiana in the summer, it's hot!"

She says some of the bugs gave her the creepy crawlies. "I've had everything crawl up in my hair, people are getting ticks and all kinds of stuff."

In this latest movie Simpson's character, Megan Valentine, goes from actress to private in a sort of 'Private Benjamin' remake. She says, "at the beginning of major movie star it is glamorous because I am a movie star. I'm doing the whole red carpet and everything."

That red carpet scene was shot at the Strand Theatre in downtown Shreveport last month. Simpson says it's the best movie she's done so far. "I have enjoyed myself on this movie pretty much more than anything, I've ever done. I have had such a great time." 'Major Movie Star' isn't due to be released until sometime next year.  Some of the army scenes were reportedly filmed at Camp Minden.