Shreveport Council Approves Ban on Parking in Front Lawn

Homeowners beware:  Parking your car in the wrong place at your home could soon land you in court.  It's all part of Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover's overall plan to help clean-up the city.  But, the new law has some homeowners crying foul.

People who park in their front yard will soon be breaking the law after the Shreveport City Council made such parking illegal. Alvin Cole, Sr. is a homeowner who remarked, "I think someone should be able to park where they want to park on their property."  We went to his home after spotting a car in his front lawn on Union Avenue in West Shreveport.

But, once the mayor signs the parking resolution it will require people to designate a certain area in their front yard to park their vehicles complete with a border, instead of just the front lawn.

Tracey Thompson of Shreveport weighed both sides of the issue.  We stopped at her home after spotting a car in her front yard, as well.  She told us, "I think for your own yard, I think it should be your own decision where you should park, wherever you want to park in your own yard.  Now, sometime it do make it look bad.  It wouldn't hurt."

Councilman Calvin Lester sponsored the parking resolution and said similar bans on parking in the yard have worked wonders in other cities across the country.  "Neighborhoods started to be cleaned-up, neighborhoods started to look better, property values started going up and that's what we're trying to do."

Critics of this new law say that basically their cars will be forced off their own property and onto the sidewalk where more accidents and crashes can occur.  But Lester said that's simply not the case.  Lester also dispelled rumors that such designated front parking areas must be paved, saying they can be gravel, brick or other hard surface, and must not fill more than 50-percent of the front lawn area.

The new law is getting lots of attention, like at the 'Tight Edge Barber Shop' along West 70th Street.  Barber LaBarron Johnson added, "I agree with it because it does make the neighborhood look better.  So, I support it.  I don't see a problem with it."

And just like a new haircut, it may take some time for some to get used to this yard parking ban.  We're told lawn parking violators will face the same punishment as someone cited for care premesis violations, with a fine and/or an appearance in city court.