DPS Destroys Millions of Dollars of Marijuana

The scene of an officer ferrying huge bundles of Marijuana down a river looks like something out of another country, but it happened on the Sulphur River on the Bowie and Morris County line near Texarkana last week. Close to nine thousand plants were chopped down, since that time, DPS has been waiting to destroy it. "We've been sitting on these bundles of Marijuana now for about a week, just glad we don't have to pull security on it anymore and finally get it disposed of," says an unidentified DPS Narcotics Agent. An operation just as clandestine as that of the people who lived in the huts, cultivating and guarding the Marijuana. We can't show the face of the DPS Narcotics Agents destroying it, nor can we show the facility being used to burn it. I know what the obvious question is: How can the agents themselves keep from being exposed to the effects? "It's my understanding that the smoke or nothing gets out where people can actually get exposed to the Marijuana smoke," says the agent. And for security reasons, we can't describe the process beyond that, but we can report no effects were felt. During the initial find, the street value of this dope was estimated at 4 million dollars. "That four to five million dollars was very conservative on the streets, you could probably multiply that by 3 or 4," says the agent. Obviously agents have to be thorough when destroying the plants, but before the last bud was swept away, the haul weighed in at 2,550 pounds.