Fire Fighters Remember Donating Truck

In the days following 9/11, the need for fire equipment grew so Louisiana stepped up with the

Spirit of Louisiana

. "The state of Louisiana took contributions from around the state, hoping to get enough money to furnish a fire truck, about 300,000 dollars," says Assistant Fire Chief, Ronnie Jordan with the Shreveport Fire Department. Not long after, a fully equipped fire truck with the Louisiana State Seal on it's door was delivered to Brooklyn, New York. Shreveport Fire Fighter Ronnie Jordan was chosen to represent Shreveport and deliver the truck. "It was a sense of pride from our state that we were able to help out," says Jordan. Less than six years later, chief Jordan remembers his trip. "The shock of losing all the fire fighters is still there, but it's now to me more so with the families to have to deal with this on a daily basis, not just on the anniversary," says Jordan. His mission took him to the streets of New York, where he was able to see first hand, the devestation. Before the firefighters even got to New York the Whitehouse called asking that the truck take a little detour, one that would highlight this already incredibly historical trip that Jordan was a part of.  "They did a CNN News thing, with the President, and with the fire truck in the background and he talked about Louisiana donating it, and Governor Foster was there," says Jordan. A picture was taken of Jordan shaking hands with President, it captures a moment Jordan is proud of, just one moment of many delivering aid to fellow firefighters.