Truck Drivers Say New Agreement Could Jeopardize Jobs, National Security

Last Thursday,.the United States Department of Transportaion,  launched a pilot project that under the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, now allows Mexican truck driving companies to haul cargo anywhere inside of the United States borders. And while some might think the project is a good idea, to the people on the road day and night, truck drivers like Warren Crisp, they want no part of it. "They're gonna take over. They're gonna haul this freight cheaper than anybody else. "
The United States government has said it will impose tough standards on Mexican drivers including drug and alcohol testing for the drivers by United States companies. But for those at Joe Gabbard at Tango Transportation, they want to make sure that the playing field is even for everybody involved. "Our concern is that somebody might not have an up to date truck and or pay the wages that our drivers make in the United States, and maybe be able to come in pay a rate cheaper than Tango." Drivers say they're not only concerned about losing their jobs with this new program, but they also say there's a potential for danger. Crisp doesn't believe the trucks the Mexican drivers have are sub-par. " I've seen some of their trucks, and they're just not up to standard."
Drivers also have a hard time believing drivers from Mexico will be treated the same as drivers from the United States. And on the eve of the 6th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, the drivers believe there is a potential compromise to the national security through the project. "They have concerns about wondering if they're going to be treated like we get treated, like getting their trucks inspected by the DOT."