Police: Career Criminal Arrested Again

Shreveport police call him a career criminal and now they say they have again taken him off the streets. 45 year old Charles Burns just got out of jail September 1st, and police say already they believe he's responsible for four smash and grabs to stores even hitting one of them twice.

They say at 2:20 Friday morning, Burns hit the Valero gas station off of 3131 and Jewella. They say he then hit the Valero on 3132 and west 70th around 4:19 this morning. A few minutes later, police say he went back to the first Valero and robbed it again.

Kacee Hargrave a spokesperson for the Shreveport police departments says "his common m.o. is breaking the window, going in, and grabbing everything he can, and leaving."

Officers recognized Burns and his car from surveillance video taken from a CVS robbery a few days ago. When they spotted the car on the street, city marshall's say Burns didn't immediately pull over, instead he led them on a slow speed chase from Allendale to his front door in Queensboro. That's when those officers say he tried to take one of their guns.

David Imberton says, "As we came up to the car and attempted to get him out. I reached out to grab him as we were ordering him out of the car he reached out and grabbed my gun and attempted to take it from me. I pulled my gun away from his grasp, holstered it. We used some chemical spray and were able to get him out of the car and get him into custody."

Burns has a long wrap sheet dating back to 1991. Police records show this is the third chase he's taken police on.

A search warrant issued for Burns' car and home turned up trace evidence of the robberies.

He was roughed up while police were trying to take their gun from him. He was treated on the scene by paramedics.

Those same medics also treated his mother who began to suffer heart problems during the incident. She had just been released from the hospital a few days ago. She too was treated at the scene and not transported to the hospital.

Neighbors say Burns has a drug problem he is trying to feed.