Police Now Have Device That Sees in the Dark

Running from police is never a good idea, because more times than not, they catch up with you in the end. Now that might be sooner than later with a new device - it can literally see in the dark, picking up anything that radiates heat.  On Thursday morning a K-9 Unit Officer is looking for a guy who wrecked a stolen car. "He uses it pretty much every time he's out on the street, he looks for opportunities to use it, in this particular case he was trying to locat the suspect who had ran from police," says Kacee Hargrave with the Shreveport Police Department. The chase ended at Kings Highway and Centenary Blvd., the car crashed, the suspect got out of the car and ran down a dark alley. The thermal imaging device was put to practical use, but no arrest was made, in fact two days later he's still at large. When asked if they've caught anybody with the device after having it for six months, Hargrave replies "Not yet, but he is out there every night using the equipment, so I know it's just a matter of time before we get anybody".  The 13,000 dollar device was made possible through a Homeland Security grant, so no money out of P.D's pocket, and anything that allows you to see in the dark you have to figure, will come in handy sometime somewhere.