Men Could Soon Be Vaccinated For HPV

The Human Papiloma Virus or HPV, is a sexually transmitted disease usually associated with cervical cancer in women. But new research is emerging that the vaccine used to treat the deadly disease, could also be used to treat men aginast the virus the causes the cancer. "This is considered an emerging area, there's a lot of study going on to decide really is this a strong link that we currently know about."Dr. John Vanchiere, a Professor of Pediatrics at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, says more and more cancers are being found in men, as a result of the HPV virus. "The cancers that we're talking about are head and neck cancers.. And in some studies anywhere from 20-50 percent of head and neck cancers can be attributed to the papiloma virus."
Scientists say more and more young americans are having oral sex, as a way of having safe sex, but scientists also say the virus could be spread to both men and women.
"It can spread the same sexually transmitted infections that genital sex can spread, HPV being one of those." Vanchiere says. The vaccine has already been tested on some men, and has Vanchiere says the results so far have been strong. "A good anti-body response, that's there immune system can recognize it..and mount up and appropriate response similar to that of girls and young women." But more research is still needed to determine whether or not, the vaccine will stop cancer in men.