Nuclear Bombs Accidentally Arrive at Barksdale Air Force Base

Last week a B-52 Bomber soared over the Ark-la-tex carrying five reported nuclear missiles on its wings. The Pentagon does not confirm the bombs were nuclear, but thee unidentified officers in the Air Force does according to the Army Times. The Air Force calls it a mistake."I would say when you're dealing with something that can cause the kind destruction that nuclear weapons can, you need to check, double check, and triple check," says Darien Lester who lives near the base. Others call it a hazard of proximity. "That's a risk you take when you have that type of a facility here, we're an Air Force town," says Paula Brooks. The U.S. Air Force is taking this incident very seriously, in fact there is an Air Force-wide investigation into the matter, and while those five nuclear bombs did land at Barksdale Air Force Base, the press office here is referring all questions by the media to the air force spokesman. Lt. Col. Edward Thomas says the mistake was uncovered by Barksdale Airmen during internal checks. "I'm glad there's some kind of system in place to check and double check, it would be nice if they caught it before it got here," says Lester. The B-52 arrived last Thursday and nobody aside from Barksdale seemed to notice. The Army Times reports safety measures in place would have prevented a nuclear explosion, even if the B-2 had crashed. The transfer was safely conducted and the weapons were in Air Force custody and control at all times, said Col Thomas. A source close to Barksdale says during the Cold War it wasn't uncommon for these bombers to cruise over U.S. Cities fully loaded, and the Air Force decided to stop that practice, for safety reasons.