Huntington HS Football Coach Fired

He's use to calling the plays on the field, but Tuesday evening, during a special session, the Caddo Parish School Board called another play, that will keep Huntington High School Head Football Coach Mike Green off the field indefinitely. Caddo Parish Board Member Barry Rachal, was pleased with the decision to fire Green. " What would we be teaching our children about the rules if we ignored what has happened in the past."
According to a report from the Louisana High School Athletic Association(LHSAA), Green is accused of allowing five ineligible coaches, and 77 eighth graders to practice and play in a scrimmage game this past spring and summer. Because it's not clear, where those 8th graders were planning on attending high school, the practices violated LHSAA rules. Huntington High Principal Jerry Davis filed the reports last week, which recommended than Green be fired. Green had little to say about the decision after it was announced,but agreed with the school boards decision.  " Do you think the school board made a wrong decision?  No... Not at all. "
But the majority of people who came to support green disagree with the decision. Christian Jewitt, has a son on the football team, and believes the school board didn't think about the players.  " Now they feel they need to go to other schools....or somewhere else.. .they've given up. That's because those practices have cost the football team this season. Huntington High can play in district games this season, but they wont count towards district standings. Michael Green accepted responsibility for what happened, but hopes his actions aren't taken out on the players. " I would hope they would not be victimized because of poor decisions and practices by us as adults and administration."