Candidates for Louisiana Governor Make it Official

U.S. Respresentative Bobby Jindal visits Shreveport Tuesday to talk about a crime initiative he would implement if he were to become louisiana's next governor. Recent polls has the Republican as the front runner. "Jindal's campaign has been running for four years," says Brad Whitesides, a political analyst. The associated press reports Jindal's opponent, Public Service Commissioner and Democrat, Foster Campbell has criticized Jindal for not participating in enough candidate forums. Jindal responds to that accusation today. "Bottom line is this, we think every candidate should put out the kinds of detailed plans we are, we put out a 28 point plan on fighting crime, a 38 point plan on fighting corruption, a 25 point plan on curbing spending," says Jindal. Whitesides sizes up Jindal's competition as not very sizable at all. "Walter Boasso by polling standards would be the leading democrat, Foster Campbell is still in the low single digits," says Whitesides. Jindal shares the road to Baton Rouge with at least one other republican so far, John Georges, but Georges polls better as an independent or even a democrat, and has even said the line between democrat and republican, for him, is very thin. "Does he move to independent or democrat? We'll know the next couple of days," says Whitesides. In fact the next two days will be very telling for this race to be Louisiana Governor, as announced candidates make their run for governor official.