Lingering Effect by Flooding Reduces Activity at Area Waterways

Caddo Sheriff's Red River Patrol looks after a river full of water, but completely empty of holiday traffic. The public boat launches have remained closed. This is the only activity on the Red River we noticed, a couple of guys catching bait, and enjoying labor day. Just two months ago the Red River's banks couldn't contain all the water coming from area lakes up north. That effect carried over into C. Bickham Dickson Lake. The park is recovering from a flood, you can see how high the water was on this tree. That flood resulted in lots of dead fish, a really bad odor and lots of debris in the park. "It's unfortunate the lake is in the condition it's in, but mother nature has her way of doing things like this," says Doug Fryett, an amateur wildlife photographer. But that won't stop him from enjoying his Labor day on the desolate lake, empty of people, but not wildlife. "This is a great day for me to just enjoy what I like doing," says Fryett. A different sort of wildlife migrated to Cross Lake, unlike the Red River or C. Bickham Dickson, this water teamed with Labor Day revelers.