City Council Votes For Sagging Ordinance

The Shreveport city council votes 4 to 3 in favor of the sagging ordinance, but not without heated debate from residents at Government Plaza.
"I think this thing should not exist in a culture and society we live in today," said one man against the ordinance.
"If they don't have money for pants you let me know and I'll take them and buy them," another woman disagreed.
Residents aren't the only people fired up.
"Councilman Lester I will vote for you because I'm tired of looking at behinds," said city council woman Joyce Bowman.
"Sagging pants didn't cause our educational system in the state of Louisiana to be where it is," refuted councilman Joe Shyne.
Councilman Monty Walford votes against the ordinance.
He points to the law's language which states the ordinance technically is designed to fine anyone with skin or undergarments showing below the waistline.
He says this would apply to women's bikini's, jogging shorts, and low rider jeans.
"In fact if you go to LSUS I would imagine that you could find several hundred that you could arrest for this ordinance," he said.
But police chief Henry Whitehorn says his officers will summon people who break what the law is intended for: those sagging their pants in places like public street corners.
"I have a very professional police department and we know what the spirit of the law is and the spirit of the law does not include bikinis or jogging shorts," he said.
Shreveport mayor Cedric Glover controls the final piece of the puzzle. He must either sign the measure into effect or veto it. 
"The ultimate interest is trying to make Shreveport a better safer place so I anticipate I will be signing this measure into law," he said.
Story By Ben Wolf