Sagging Vote Set For Tuesday

Whether you support the sag or believe in the belt:
"You don't want to see some body's underwear when they're walking down the street," said Shreveport resident Charlie Watkins.
 "I can't believe that's actually an issue," disagreed Chris Rimmer.
One thing is certain: City Council votes tomorrow whether sagging is legal in Shreveport.
Councilman Calvin Lester says sagging has bothered him since he worked in the Caddo Juvenile Court System.
The council brought two amendments to the table today: the first would increase the fines to $100, $150, and $250 for the first, second and third offense.
That's a large increase from the original idea of $25, $50, and $100.
The second amendment says the officer who catches individual sagging must summon rather than arrest the violator. 
"There's a whole body of law that say if you are arrested that triggers a certain level of search, that this does not trigger that level of search," said Councilman Calvin Lester.
Even those who favor the low riding fashion say sometimes you can go too low.
"If it's plumber than yeah I think it's bad if you know what I mean, if you see the backside that should not be permitted," said Edwin Crayton who supports sagging.
It will take four votes tomorrow and the mayors signing of the ordinance for a major push to pull pants up across the city.
Story By Ben Wolf