Shootout In N. Shreveport Neighborhood Injures Three

A shootout between two feuding neigbors left a north Shreveport neighborhood littered with bullet casings and three people, including a woman not involved in the dispute.
Police say they are still looking for one person involved in the shooting.
The shooting began mid-morning on Wednesday in the 2900 block of Nena Street in the MLK neighborhood. Witnesses told police two neighbors got into some type of dispute. Witnesses said one of the men left only to return with a gun, and that's when both men began shooting at each other.
Police say along with the casings found in the street, at least two vehicles and a home were also hit with gunfire.
Neighbors tell KSLA News 12 police have been called before because of problems between the two suspects.
According to police, the three people who were shot had non-life threatening injuries.
 In an unusual occurrence, Shreveport's newly-appointed police chief, Henry Whitehorn, stopped by the scene of the shooting.  He told KSLA News 12 the visit is part of his new neighborhood policing program--one where he gets a first-hand look at some of the crime-related issues affecting citizens of Shreveport.  He spoke one-on-one with some of the neighbors, assuring them that detectives will do everything possible to solve the crime and keep them safe.
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