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Attorneys General Wants To Crack Down On Energy Drinks

Attorneys general are asking federal regulators to crack down on the makers of
energy drinks that combine alcohol and caffeine. Officials accuse them of
misleading advertising for products they say can pose serious health and
safety risks.  Attorneys general from 28 states are warning that aggressive marketing of
alcoholic energy drinks targets young people who are already buying regular
energy drinks.  Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says companies are making
outlandish and outrageous health-related claims about the drinks.  The attorneys general singled out three manufacturers: Miller Brewing for Sparks and Sparks Plus; Anheuser-Busch for Bud Extra; and Charge Beverages for its Liquid Charge and Liquid Core drinks.  Liquid Charge is distributed in 26 states. Charge Beverages CEO Tim Baggs says he is not worried about his company's advertising because he has consulted with lawyers about every aspect of his product and advertising and he believes
the company is following all of the rules.
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