Louisiana Downs Jockey Remembered by Fellow Athletes

Lucy Burch was killed Wednesday night when the S.U.V. she was in overturned on North Market Street, she was ejected. The two males in the vehicle survived the crash. The Caddo Sheriff's Office continues to investigate, and charges on one or both of the males are pending. The thuds of horse hooves can be heard at the Louisiana Downs today, the bleachers are teaming with betters, and it looks like any other day, but to the jockey's it's not. "It's all quiet, it's like family we don't talk about it much," says fellow jockey, Cody Meche. They are mourning the loss of a fellow athlete, Lucy. "I really just don't like thinking about it's just gotta move on with it," says Meche. Lucy's presence on the track was known, "always laughing and joking around, fun to be around," says Meche. A female, and an up and comer. "Not so much rare but it's a little more difficult for them it seems, she was working real hard..she didn't get much play in the afternoons," says fellow Jockey and friend, Jeff Burningham. The races go on today, and while it looks like business as usual, there is a tone of quiet respect for a fellow beloved jockey.