A Q & A Held to Discuss Protecting the Elderly

Keeping seniors safe, police, Caddo Council on Aging, and law makers discuss topics like housing, transportation for seniors, and even protection from crime. "What we're doing here today is letting them know we care," says State Representative, Roy Burrell. Caring is what brought an elderly woman home safe on Tuesday, that's when eighty year- old Olive Harold was found by a couple of residents, she had wandered away from her home 5pm the previous day. "She stayed under a tree and she doesn't even remember what tree it was or nothing," says Allan Buffington, the man who saved her.  Olive's confusion made it challenging for her rescuers. "I was very distressed about that because the lady did not have any identification on," says Mary Alice Rountree with the Caddo Council on Aging.

With the sun bearing down and resulting in ninety even one hundred degree temperatures, time is a major factor in the survival of seniors who might get disoriented. A little known program through the Caddo Sheriff's Office called S.O.S. promises to cut down on that time. "They register with the sheriff's department, and the sheriff's department provides a very small bracelet on their wrist, but it doesn't tell their name but it has an S.O.S. on the back of it with a serial number. Police say it's also a good idea to have a network of caring people to rely on. "The family needs to set up some kind of system with a neighbor a church or a social organization," says Sgt. Robin Snyder with the Shreveport Police Department.