Fire in Vacant House May Be Part of a Trend

Shreveport fire investigators are looking into whether a series of fires inside vacant houses may be connected.  
  There have been at least two this week, and as many as four in the past two weeks.
  The latest broke out before 4 a. m. Wednesday in a home in the 1700 block of Aline Avenue.
   According to District Chief Karl Mann, the fire had been burning some time before anyone noticed it.
  "It was fully involved with smoke and flames coming out of all sides," said Mann.  "There's also a shed behind it that was on fire, and it spread to the grass around it."
   Firefighters remained on the scene for more than an hour, trying to make sure nothing was left smoldering.  Fortunately, Mann said, the house was not near any other structures, so the fire had no chance of spreading to any occupied homes.
  Early Monday, firefighters were called to put out a fire on Fulton Street in a Shreveport home that was boarded up and had no working utilities.  They also found fire last week inside an Elder Street where no one was living.
  "You have to start growing some concern because it seems like it is happening a little more," said Mann.  "This is more like a winter thing, you know, vagrants building fires.  But they can't be building a fire to keep warm at this time of year."
   Anyone with information is asked to call the Shreveport Fire Department.
  Story by Katrina Webber