Police Investigating Morning Shootout & Domestic Shooting

A morning of violence in Shreveport has police investigating at least two separate shootings.
   One case involved a neighborhood shootout between two men around 4:30 a. m. Friday in the 3800 block of Penick Street.
    Police say Romaine Duncan and another man had gotten into an altercation earlier in the morning at a nightclub in downtown Shreveport. 
    Duncan reportedly drove to Penick Street where his car ran out of gas.  Police say he told them while he was refilling his gas tank, the man who he had been arguing with drove up and began shooting at him.
  However, when officers arrived, both men were exchanging gunfire, they said. 
  The other man then ran away.  Police believe he also may have suffered a gunshot wound, possibly in the leg, during the exchange. 
   Around 7 a. m., police responded to another reported shooting involving a victim who arrived on his own at LSU Medical Center.
  Police say the victim, Raymond Hill, 42, had been arguing with his stepfather at a home on Herndon Street.
  Hill was attempting to leave the residence when his stepfather, Leroy Adams, 71, walked up to his vehicle and shot him in the torso, police said.  
   Story by Katrina Webber