Police Look for a Man Considered Armed and Dangerous

The night of July 3rd police are called out to a card game that turned violent. Police say 39 year old Gary Nunn pulled a gun on his opponent, Darrell Hillard. "And he was not winning at the card game and so he didn't like that so he went and retrieved a weapon and shot his friend," says Kacee Hargrave with the Shreveport Police Department. Hillard was shot in the leg and survived. Police say Nunn is no stranger to violence, his rap sheet includes attempted murder of a cellmate in prison, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery. Nunn just served an 18 year sentence in prison for armed robbery. "We think he's in the allendale area," says Hargrave.   People who live in the Allendale neighborhood on St. Luke Street where the incident took place say they've never heard of Nunn. "I can't do nothing about it, I stay to myself but I'm concerned about it but aint nothing I can do about this," says a man walking down St. Luke Street. A resident on st. Luke Street says the dice game, not a card game as police reported happened here in this area, but nobody in this area seems to know Darrell Hillard, who also has a criminal past. Hillard's past criminal history includes battery of an officer, public intimidation, possession of drugs, and two DWI's. But in this case, police say he's the victim of an aggressive and dangerous man who shot him over a couple of bucks.