Henry Whitehorn Officially Becomes Shreveport Police Chief

Police Chief Henry Whitehorn begins his career at the Shreveport Police Department by addressing the spike in violent crime, vowing to put drug dealers in jail and stop the armed robberies.

City leaders are ready to hold him to that pledge.

With the words recited from the Oath of Office by the former Air Force MP and a 29-year veteran of State Police, Henry Whitehorn accepted the responsibility of not only continuing to police Shreveport, but to step it up a notch.

"Number one (is) to have a good working relationship with the mayor, with city council and his fellow officers," says City Councilwoman Joyce Bowman.

Hand picked by Mayor Cedric Glover, Whitehorn is the end result of a process that started in November of last year; a morass of city and state requirements that even Mayor Glover questioned.

"You all know this may have been one of the more unconventional selection processes in the history of the city of Shreveport," Mayor Glover told a packed house in the Riverview Theatre.

But now the chief is here and he promises change.

"We will see more foot patrol, you'll see them out walking the neighborhood," says Whitehorn.

His arrival is viewed by some as just in time. Shreveport has seen 29 murders this year while there were only 30 in the entire year of 2006.

"We're going to put the dope dealers in jail. We're going to stop the robberies. We're going to to do these things," says Whitehorn.

When asked if she plans to hold him to what he said Wednesday, Bowman responded, "Oh, he'll be hearing from me quite often."

Whitehorn wants to look at redrawing district lines once again, something that recently took place following a manpower study.