Shreveport Armed Robberies of Businesses Up in 2007

According to the Shreveport polices' own website last year in June there were only five armed robberies of businesses this June there were 14, up 180 percent. 
Year to date, there were 33 armed robberies by the end of june for all of last year. So far there's been 49 this year again the crime is up 48 percent.
Kevin Stetler owns Stetler's Exxon his been robbed once, it was an inside job. "Unfortunately these people now a days think crime pays, so what are you gonna do. This is the best thing besides an alarm system you need a DVR system make the investment and sleep at night."
In twenty years of business, it took only once for him to upgrade to a better surveillance system. Several cameras are installed throughout the gas station recording every move. Surveillance system can also record robberies like this one last month at an Auto Parts store.
Det. Paul Robinson of the Shreveport Police department says, "so often we investigate a robbery and they have the equipment they're not using the equipment or the equipment is not on, or it's antiquated you can't even make out what's on the video."
Officers say it's also important for store clerks to be trained on what to do if robbed. Like in the Dollar General robbery that happened back on July 21'st. cooperating with the gun man is important.
Robinson goes on to say "after the robberies it's always helpful to immediately start writing down the descriptions of the people, the things you saw the weapons."
An AK-47 can be clearly seen in this video in a robbery this past weekend of the Thrifty Liquor on Greenwood Road. You can also see the gun and the suspects taking cash in a Fina robbery. A weapon was also used in the robbery of the Po Boy Express on July 19th.
Stetler says when it comes to getting a high tech surveillance system, "it's better than being robbed, it's an investment in the business."
Police say we may just be in a bad cycle, that most violent robberys increase in the summer and around Christmas time. If you recognize anyone in the surveillance videos
Story by Tania Francois