Islamic Mosque In Shreveport Vandalized

A neighboring business to the Islamic Mosque on Youree Drive attempts to remove painted graffiti from the outside of the mosque.

The Lady in Waiting Boutique lends a hand with a pressure washer. While the spray does little to remove the paint, the gesture goes a long way in removing any feelings of being singled out, said mosque member Munir Bader. "That's a good sign when your neighbors helping you to clean what the bad people did."

On one side reads an expletive. The other a reference to marijuana. "I feel sad to see something like this," says Bader.

A number of people have responded to the incident in a blog on one Shreveport website. The comments range from sympathetic to indifferent, but that doesn't discourage mosque members. "Because I know that there are good people in this town who are trying to come together build the bridges of love, the bridges of forgiveness," says Bader.

Shreveport Police have not ruled this out a hate crime.

This isn't the first time it's happened. In 2001 just after 9/11, an American flag at the mosque was ripped down.

Since it's beginning in 1991 the mosque has been defaced and damaged three or four times. But with good neighbors, Munir Bader says his faith in his community remains.