ATM Machine Gives Out Too Much Cash

The DeSoto Sheriff's Office continues their investigation into an ATM machine that they believe was rigged. They say the machine was spitting out four times the amount requested.

The machine sits inside a convenience store at the Eagles truck stop in Mansfield.

Earlier this month a restaurant manager at the truck stop overheard customers talking about how they received extra cash out of the machine.

Deputies report an extra $7,000 dispensed.

DeSoto deputies say they will soon have the machine's transaction records.

They tell KSLA News 12 that anyone who received free cash should contact their office to make the situation right.

They are looking to prosecute the people responsible for tampering with the machine.

Those found responsible could face two felonies: tampering with property and theft.

Deputies say they would be responsible for all extra $7,000 taken from the machine.