Police: Grandmother Left Child in Car While She Shopped for Two Hours

Police are releasing the name of the grandmother who allegedly left her grandson in the car while she shopped. She's 45 year old Deborah Gregory of Benton. Police say around 1:15 on Saturday someone noticed the 4 year old inside of her pick up truck with the car running and no parent around.  They called police. Gregory was given a citation and charged with child disertion.  She was not arrested.
Story by Tania Francois

A Shreveport grandmother is in trouble with the law after police say she left her 4-year-old grandson in a Chevrolet pick up for about two hours.  This all happening around 1:15 Saturday afternoon right in front of the Bed Bath and Beyond on Youree Drive.
Police say the grandmother did leave the car running and the air conditioner on. She told police she lost track of time and that's why she took so long.  She said the only reason why she left the child in the first place is because he was asleep and she didn't want to disturb him. The child was buckled up and in a booster seat.
Police would not let her drive off with the child but waited for another adult to come in from Benton to get him.
The grandmother was not arrested but she was given a citation and told to appear in court.
Story by Tania Francois