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Alabama Woman Missing From Bossier City Conference Found In New York

An Alabama woman who went missing from a conference in Bossier City back in March is now living in New York.
Bossier City Police have been investigating the disappearance of Mary Byrne Smith, a teacher and wife of a minister in Summerdale, Alabama, since she left a religious conference being held at the CenturyTel Center on March 24.
Investigators did not go into details about where in New York Smith was, but said she was using a different name and was working at a fast food restaurant.
Police were able to track her down when they learned she had requested her Alabama teaching certificate be sent to New York.
Bossier City detectives say they've spoken with her by phone. They say she told them she left because she wanted a different life. They have asked her to contact her family in Summerdale, Alabama, which she says she will do.
Smith told the people with her at the conference she was going to the concession stand. Instead she left the arena. Last week police released a video tape of Smith at a Bossier City pawn shop, where she reportedly pawned her wedding ring.
Police say Smith does not face any criminal charges because she hasn't broken any laws.
Story by Fred Childers

From July 27
An Alabama woman who went missing after attending a conference in Bossier City was seen at a pawn shop the day she reportedly disappeared.
On March 24, Mary Byrne Smith of Summerdale, Alabama was at a woman's Christian conference being held that weekend at the CenturyTel Center. About 11:30 am that same day, a video camera caught Smith in a pawn shop apparently selling her wedding ring.
Shortly after Smith went missing, police checked with local pawn shops to see if anyone recognized her, but the search didn't turn up anything.
Detectives got the video after getting a tip Smith may have pawned her wedding ring.
Bossier City Police Chief Mike Halphen says the video tape confirms police suspicions that Smith left of her own free will and was not the victim of foul play. Investigators never found any evidence that Smith became a crime victim.
Police say the case remains open and wants to speak with anyone who has information about Smith. She is a white female, 5'1", 100 pounds, with brown eyes, brown hair and has a tattoo of the sun on her right rear shoulder.
Smith would not face any criminal charges but Chief Halphen stresses the importance of locating her for the sake of her family and friends.
If you have any information regarding Smith, you can call the Bossier City Police Department at 318-741-8605.

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