Woman Admits She Left the Dog in the Car While She Visited a Friend In ICU

22-year-old Betsy Holmes had yet to name her new week and a half old beagle but she did have time to make a decision that could have cost the puppy her life.  She admitted to KSLA News 12 to leaving the dog, the police nicknamed 'PoPo', in her hot Toyota Avalon parked across the street from LSU Health Science Center.
On a day when temperatures outside reached 92 degrees, the dog was crying out for help while in the car. A bystander heard the cries and dialed 911.
The fire department was then called and was able to use a slim gym to free the puppy. 'PoPo' drank water out of a cup and police say she also looked a bit malnourished.
They called animal control, but they took to long to get there, busy on other calls. So the dog was handed back to it's tearful owner.
Holmes says this is her second dog, the first was stolen from her home which her drivers license says is in Clarks, LA. She says that's why she brought the dog with her to the hospital.
Holmes says she was only gone for 30 minutes but police say that couldn't be true because they had been on the call for 45 minutes.
The police say it's not only illegal but inhumane to leave a dog locked in a car. She was given a summons to appear in court and was charged with animal abuse. Her court date is set for August 14th.
Story by Tania Francois