So-Called Confessed Killer UPDATE

The search is intensifying for remains of a missing Shreveport woman.  Crime scene investigators are now going through the search area in very precise steps, looking for any signs of Kristi O'Pry 11-years since she disappeared.
     The Caddo CSI team is searching an area that stretches 150-feet long along Jefferson Paige Road near the American Rose Center and 100-feet deep.  They created a grid, breaking down the area into 100-squares, looking methodically for any clues.
     Search efforts began at the spot last Friday after they say Eric Mickelson confessed to dumping her body at the site.  It turns out, investigators also searched some property on Woolworth Road in Keithville last week owned by Mickelson and his family.  A check with the tax assessors office confirms the Mickelson family owns the property.
     The people living next door told KSLA News 12 they actually spoke to Eric Mickelson the day before detectives arrived and spoke with them.  "They (detectives) said that they had a suspect in the car that said that she and Eric Mickelson had killed a man and dumped his body on this plot of land next to me," said Delores Elliott.
     She added that this is not the first time investigators have been to the Mickelson property over the years.  They searched the land after Kristi O'Pry's disappearance.  That was when Eric Mickelson was a prime suspect in her disappearance.
     As we've heard, investigators say Mickelson confessed to killing O'Pry, along with five others, one of whom being 86-year old Charles Martin of Shreveport last week.  As for the Mickelson's land on Woolworth Road in Caddo Parish, Delores Elliott said investigators scoured the land for hours searching for evidence concluding, "they were trying to identify where they had dumped the body."
     But Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator would not comment on what, if anything, was found on the Mickelson property.  In fact, he would not elaborate on any other potential leads that we asked about.

Story by Jeff Ferrell