Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How soon will you start on my pool?

A:   Your start date is dependent on several factors. First your backyard will have to be surveyed by the utility companies to determine if any utilities are intruding into the pool area. A construction drawing is completed and then submitted to the city to apply for the permit. After the permit is obtained, we will schedule our excavator to excavate the pool. This entire process could take as little as 5 days to as much as 2 weeks.

Q: How long will you take to build our pool or when will you finish?

A:   From the time we excavate your pool we have figured an estimated completion date. This date is figured with perfect condition and does not include inclement weather and construction delays, which may affect the date. Construction delays include: unavailability of subcontractors, materials shortages or backorders, illnesses of subcontractors or crews, inspection delays, and/or your indecisiveness in selecting locations, colors, styles, shapes, etc. Rest assured, we at Blue Haven Pools are making every effort to complete your project as soon as it is humanly possible.

Q: Will our pool be completed by my daughter's birthday? (or other pre-selected date)

A:      Please remember in calculating your completion date that Blue Haven Pools' work days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and inclement weather. You may refer to Item #3, paragraph one of your contract if you have any questions. Please DO NOT plan any parties until the project is complete.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A:   Rain causes delays on the job. We cannot excavate, gunite, pour concrete, install tile or coping, or plaster a pool during the rain. In most cases, we will not work during rain days.

Q: How much will rain delay the job?

A:   When we make our decision not to work our crews in the mornings, we usually send them home, so we will lose the entire day. In most cases, your project could be delayed by as many as 3 days for every day of rain, as we must also be able to work around the job site with conditions that would not injure our crews or create a larger mess in your backyard. We will probably not schedule anyone to work if it is raining in the morning if there is a significant chance of rain that day. Our superintendents will make decisions based on the latest weather information we have at the time. This decision not to work our crews is sometimes determined by our subcontractors. It is not cost effective or productive to have personnel working in the mud, making a mess of your property and taking the risk of illness with crew members thus delaying your project further.

Q: Will you work on our pool as soon as it stops raining?

A:      Depending on the phase of construction we are in, it is possible we could work in the next day. In case of the first phase excavation, we will probably not excavate immediately after the rain. A back hoe or excavation machine can excavate or move dirt, but may not be able to haul off the dirt due to the weight of a loaded dump truck getting stuck in your yard or at a dump site.  Another concern is if we excavate immediately after it rains, we assume the risk of sidewalls caving in during excavation. There is also the possibility that ground water (water table) could be high and could also create cave-ins as well as other costs you could incur in order to keep the hole dry. It is sometimes wiser to just wait a few days for conditions to become more favorable and allow the water table to recede before excavating. In the other phases, sometimes we can work immediately after the rain, as long as the conditions of the site are favorable to maneuver at the site without being unproductive or prevent a larger mess in your backyard.

Q: What's next after you excavate?

A:   A steel cage/structure will be constructed inside the excavated hole, to support or give the structural strength to the gunite. This process usually takes one day and is usually inspected by city inspectors.

Q: After the steel is inspected, do you apply the gunite next?

A:      Prior to applying the gunite some plumbing will have to be installed. We may choose to completely install all plumbing depending on our schedules and workloads. After the plumbing is installed in the hole, the pool will be gunited.

Q: What is gunite?

A:      Gunite is pneumatically applied concrete mix. The cement/sand ratio are 7 sacks of Portland for each yard of sand. This gives you a concrete mix with approximately 5000 PSI strength. A normal sidewalk is only a 4.5 sack mix or 3000 PSI, a house foundation is normally a 5 sack mix or 3500 PSI. Your pool shell is stronger than standard concrete.

Q: Is the anything we need to do after gunite is applied?

A:   The gunite shell must be maintained moist for at least 7 days after application is completed. The gunite should be sprayed with water using your water hose and spray nozzle. Gunite will cure better and properly if kept moist. You can apply a light mist of water hours after the gunite application is completed. The next days you can apply a heavy spray to moisten the gunite. You cannot apply too much water.

Q: What is that hole in the floor of the gunite?

A:      These holes are placed in the floor intentionally. They are called weep holes and allow the ground water to weep into the gunite shell, so the shell will not have problems from the hydrostatic pressures of ground water coming up through the gunite. These weep holes will be filled with plaster at the time of plastering.

Q: Why is the gunite so rough?

A:   The roughness of the gunite is intentional. A rough finish will allow the plaster lining to bond better to the gunite. The plaster application will give you the smooth finish you expect.

Q: Why do the tiles and bricks look different from the samples of pictures?

A:   Your selection of tile and brick are kiln-fired products. During the baking and curing process these materials could take on a slightly different finish than the samples shown and may not match exactly. If you selected flagstone for your coping from samples provided by your salesperson, it may also vary in color and texture, since it is a natural product. Please be sure to make your selection carefully, and keep in mind that your selection may vary slightly from the sample. If you decide to change your selection of brick, tile or stone, please let your salesperson know immediately. If your tile, brick or stone has already been ordered and picked up there will be a 30% restocking fee for changes. Once we have ordered your selection, we are not able to return it. Each order is a custom order, selected for your swimming pool and no two are alike.

Q: I really don't like the pool equipment there; can we move it to another location?

A:   Yes, but keep in mind, this location was on the original plans submitted to the city for the permit and was approved as submitted. The equipment location can be relocated but could result in delays, as we may have to resubmit plans to the city with changes. Also, relocating the equipment may result in additional expenses due to longer plumbing runs and/or repouring the equipment pad, as this was calculated on your original cost estimate of your pool.

Q: Can we add to, or change our decking design?

A:   Yes, prior to forming and steel installation we can add or change the deck design. You have contracted for a specified amount of square feet of concrete, any design changes with have the same square footage can be accomplished at no extra charge, prior to forming and steeling. If you wish to add additional square footage, it can be done by calculating, and an addendum written up for the additional decking. Normally a deck approval form will be signed by your prior to pouring the concrete.

Q: What is the foam between the coping and the deck?

A:   This foam is installed between the coping and the deck to allow the concrete deck room for expansion and contraction, without damaging the coping during this process. The top layer of foam will be removed and finished off with a self leveling elastic product called decoseal, and sand will be added to give the finished look like a grout joint.

Q: How soon after plaster can we fill the pool?

A:      Water will be introduced by the plaster crew. It will be your responsibility to monitor the water level while it is filing. The water must not be shut off during the filing process. If the water is shut off it could leave a scum line or bath tub ring on your new plaster. Some instructions will be given to you by the plaster crew. It is the characteristic of plaster to mottle during the curing process. If you have selected a colored plaster, the mottling will be more defined. No two pools will look the same, meaning some will mottle more than others. We cannot guarantee how much it will mottle, only that it will. This is what makes your pool unique and beautiful in its own way.

Q: How will my backyard look after the pool is completed?

A:      Normally Blue Haven pools will rough grade around the perimeter of the pool, and all ruts in the access area will be re-leveled and graded for you to seed or sod. All trash will be picked up and hauled off. If contracted, your fence will be reinstalled. Drainage in your backyard is your responsibility unless we have been contracted to do so.

Q: Why isn't anybody working on my pool today?

A:   Your pool is constructed in stages. Availability of subcontractors and materials dictate how the project progresses. Also, we usually have several projects working at any given time. Keep in mind inclement weather will usually delay the job. We do not intentionally delay projects. It is not in anyone's interest to prolong construction. Rest assured Blue Haven pools will do everything possible to build your pool with the best quality standards and within the shortest time possible.

Q: Why do we have to pay you so soon after the last check?

A:   Our draw schedules are standard to the pool industry. We have reviewed this with you at the time you signed your contract. Our draw schedules are broken down into stages. Usually the draw schedule is as follows: down payment, upon excavation, upon gunite, upon tile and coping, and prior to plastering. Timely payments to Blue Haven will insure your pool will be completed on our estimated completion date. Failure to make your scheduled payments will delay your project and will add days to your estimated completion date.