Large Paper Mill Plant Promises Economic and Environmental Qualities

With welcoming applause at a press conference Shreveport is ushered into the age of reducing greenhouse emissions, and saving trees, and water - through a recycling mill from Pratt industries. "The most impressive thing is we've prepared, the port has prepared itself for something like this, says State Representative, Billy Montgomery. Shreveport/Bossier was chosen over 20 to 30 other sites, and when asked why, Pratt industries points to the port of Shreveport Bossier's mode of transport. "The port infrastructure, the roadways, the rail, the electrical set up..everything," says Pratt Representative, Luis Henao. Taking advantage of what it considers a perfect situation in Shreveport, Pratt industries will locate the plant at the port, next to Steelscape, making this area the largest recycling area in the south. And that could change the way you take out your garbage. Much of what goes to the landfills, Pratt can use to make it's product. "Because we're going to need an awful lot of materials, I think we can do it with curbside, we'll get all the right ones," says Donna Curtis with Shreveport Green, an organization dedicated to preserving the local environment. The new direction promises to make Shreveport cleaner. "We'll extend the life of our landfill unbelievably," says Curtis. "It cuts down on the expense of the city running itself," says Montgomery. By making better use out of the cities refuse.