Undercover Officers Foil Robbery Plans

Undercover police officers who happened to be in the right place at the right time stopped what they believe would have been the attempted robbery of a Shreveport business.

Shreveport police say the agents were outside The Cub, a bar and restaurant in the Highland neighborhood, keeping watch over the business around 2:30 a. m. Thursday when two men in ski masks walked up to the door.  The suspects could not get inside because the door was locked.  When they saw the officers approach them, both took off running.

Police set up a permeter around the neighborhood and brought in a police dog.  Within minutes, they had one suspect in custody.  The second arrest came about an hour later.

Christopher Smith, Jr., 27 and Robert Henry, 24, were taken to the Shreveport City Jail.

At last check, police had not recovered any weapons.