EXCLUSIVE: "Teen Involved In Police Chase Did Not Kill Self"

Amid speculation that Joshua Black shot and killed himself after a chase with police, the Natchitoches parish coroner says that did not happen.

Doctor Charles Curtis tells KSLA News 12, even though a shotgun was found in Blacks lap at the crime scene, preliminary autopsy results reveal Black did not kill himself with the gun.

Police say the eighteen year old Black stole gas from a Red River parish convenient store before allegedly fleeing from police.  The chase ended in Natchitoches, where police say Black crashed into a Natchitoches police car, causing both to catch on fire.

Dr. Curtis says Black likely died from either smoke inhalation or homicide at the hands of the police who opened fire on him when he allegedly failed to stop when told to do so.  If his death is ruled a homicide, Dr. Curtis says it would likely be a justifiable homicide.

"There is also a chance that the death could be ruled suicide," says Curtis.  That would be the case if all the evidence points to, "suicide by cop."

Reported by David Begnaud