Sister of Missing Woman Reacts to Mickelson's Confession

Eleven years ago, 138 days seemed like an eternity for Paige O'Pry, Kristi's sister. But now that Eric Mickelson has been arrested for the death of Charles Martin, time has come to a screeching halt for Paige. "When I heard Eric was arrested I expected something but not this quick," says Paige. A confession from Eric Mickelson, saying he killed Kristi back in July of 1996 confirms many things for Paige. When asked if she suspected Mickelson all along, she simply replied "Yeah." In the afternoon of July 19th Kristi went to what was Southpark Mall on Jewella Avenue, she left there to visit her sister Paige on Merriweather nearby, one of the last areas Kristi was seen alive. Paige's first meeting with Mickelson proved memorable, because of his strange behavior. "He said he was at my house because he wanted to jump on my trampoline, I warned him that I had a big dog and he needed to walk around it, he said what are you going to do if I kill it?" remembers Paige. A curt statement dismissed as weird at the time, but could have prophesied disturbing things to come. "What he did eleven years ago is done, but what he did this week could have been prevented," says Paige. 
Story by Fred Childers