High Speed Chase Ends With Crash, Sheriff's Deputy, Three Others Hurt

A Harrison County sheriff's deputy was running radar on I-20, Thursday night, when he clocked a car going ninety-seven miles per hour. 
Authorities say another deputy clocked that same car going ninety-four.

A chase began as the police say the suspect sped away at an even faster speed.

As a high speed chase began, both deputies radioed in for backup.  Right about then, authorities say the suspect, twenty-nine year old Danille Hanspard, allegedly ran a car off the road.

One deputy stopped to check on that driver, as the second one continued to pursue Hanspard at a high rate of speed.

A third deputy, Michael Freeman, joined in the chase at FM 2199 and I-20.  He was hoping to slow the suspect down.

Instead of slowing down, police say Hanspard intentionally rammed the back of Freeman's car causing it to careen across the median and into oncoming traffic.

Freeman's patrol car crashed into two oncoming vehicles.  Freeman and the drivers of both cars were transported to Marshall Medical Center.

Deputy Freeman is said to have "extensive" injuries to his head and chest.  A female victim he hit is said to "not be doing well," and the third victim's condition is unknown.

Police say the chase ended when the suspect ran his car off the road, only to become combative when police tried to arrest him.

Authorities say Hanspard had to be tased and maced before he could be arrested.

KSLA NEWS 12 has learned that Hanspard is an employee of Allford Chevrolet.  He told police the car that he was speeding is
was a transport vehicle he had picked up in Pittsburgh Texas.  According to police, he was delivering it to Farmersville, Louisiana, near Monroe.
Hanspard told investigators he's only been with Allford Chevrolet for six months.

Source say he will most likely be charged with assault on a public servant with a vehicle.  Additional charges are pending.

Story by David Begnaud