RX Solutions

Medic Pharmacy & Compounding Lab offers a variety of alternative possibilities for your child's medications. Don't hesitate to ask what we can do for your specific problem - here are but a few of the categories we cover:

  • Dermatological/Cosmetic
  • Custom Nutritional Blending
  • Pet Applications
  • Dental Applications

Available Forms/Examples


Many medications may be formulated into capsule form. Capsules have either powder filler or oil carrier.


Lip Balms

Creams, Ointments, Topical Gels
While primarily used for the treatment of skin problems, many other medications especially natural hormones can be compounded into a cream, ointment, or gel form and applied topically to give good therapeutic results.


Lozenge-type medications that dissolve between the lower cheek and gum. An advantage of this route of administration is the direct absorption of a medication by the body. In many cases, lower doses may be possible to achieve the same therapeutic effect.


Liquids and Suspensions

Nasal Sprays


A wide variety of natural flavors are available to mask drug taste. This is especially useful in the treatment of children and in veterinary medications