About Medic

History of Medic Pharmacy

Founded in 1961, Medic Pharmacy Inc. opened the doors of its first location, delivering quick, pre-counted capsule and tablet prescriptions - at lower prices - to the Shreveport and Bossier City communities. Over the next 20 years, our company grew to 21 individual stores.

From the mid-1980s until 1995, Medic Pharmacy located pharmacies inside of Brookshire Grocery stores in the area, including the original local Brookshire Pharmacies.

Innovative changes in the pharmaceutical industry during the 1980s prompted the expansion of our services to include specialty compounding and progressive ways of delivering medications.

Today, Medic Pharmacy serves Shreveport and Bossier City at 1849 Line Avenue. After nearly five decades of serving the needs of our community, we still strive to provide the utmost in personalized service...quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Nature of the Business

At Medic's Compounding Pharmacy, we prepare prescription medications in a variety of forms, strengths, and flavors tailored to meet individual patient's needs. We work with the doctor and patient to determine what medicine will work best for you. We compound medications from scratch using raw chemicals, powders and devices of the highest quality.


We're glad you've discovered the convenience and personal service of Medic Pharmacy. We provide the same benefits you'll find at a large chain pharmacy plus the individual attention you won't find anywhere else!

Transferring your prescriptions is as easy as giving us your refill prescription. Your insurance co-pay charges will not change. There is little to no wait at Medic Pharmacy and you talk to a real person when you call, not an automated voicemail system.

Our pharmacy carries lots of hard to find prescriptions that many other pharmacies may not have on-hand and will have to order. And with little wait, we offer speedy service to get your needs met.

Medic Pharmacy is locally owned and family-operated and we take pride in our focus on customer satisfaction. Because medicine is one thing you can't afford to get it wrong, you can trust Medic Pharmacy to get it right.

Compounding 101

Medic's Compounding Pharmacy is companion to Medic Pharmacy Inc., a locally-owned and family operated retail drug business in Shreveport-Bossier City for the last 45 years. Medic's Compounding Pharmacy opened in 1997 when we saw a need for specialty prescriptions to better meet the needs of the patient.

No longer are you limited to "standard" medicine. Your choices now include new routes of administration, dosage strengths, pharmaceutical combinations and the ability to develop new, potentially helpful compounds.

The state of the art compounding lab is where medications that are not commercially available are prepared. This service assists physicians in solving medication problems and meeting the specific needs of the patients.

Triad Relationship
Compounding allows and requires us to focus on each patient as a unique opportunity, an opportunity to help a patient who is unsatisfied with traditional medications. Form varying dosage strengths to a commercially unavailable product, compounding affords our patients and prescribing doctors nearly unlimited choice in their medication therapies.

Compounding is achieved through an essential triad relationship - patient, physician and pharmacist. The physician first prescribes the medication, then the pharmacist takes the necessary ingredients, compounds them, and dispenses the medicine to the patient after a thorough consultation.

Pharmaceutical compounding requires a higher level of dedication to pharmacy than just mixing and requires that all pharmacists be specifically trained and knowledgeable about the strengths and challenges of compounding. Our pharmacists at Medic's Compounding Pharmacy have received specialized training and continue to learn new innovations and the highest level of quality in sterility.