Director of The CNS Network, LLC

Dr. Ravish Patwardhan, Founder & Director of The CNS Network, LLC, is a graduate from The UCLA School of Medicine. In addition to completion of routine neurosurgical training (performing most brain, spine, and peripheral nerve procedures), he has subspecialty training allowing performance of deep brain stimulation, epilepsy, and pain-relieving neurosurgical procedures. He has performed hundreds of operations on both pediatric and adult patients, and was voted amongst the best neurosurgeons in the region in his first year of practice.

He has published original articles in respected journals including Neurosurgery and The Journal of Neurosurgery, and has contributed to innovative research and patented invention.

On a personal note, he is grateful to the patients and referring physicians who have trusted in him, and the opportunity to work to participate in and improve the lives of thousands of patients.