Sabine Parish

The first name under each listing is the current office holder. The other names list candidates also running for that seat. Term limited means the person cannot run for that office again. Not running means the person is not seeking that office for re-election.

Member, BESE, District 4
Walter C. Lee, Democrat
Robert J. "Bob" Wynn, Republican

State Senator, 31st Senatorial District
Kenneth M. "Mike" Smith, Democrat (term limited)
Gerald Long, Republican
Thomas Taylor Townsend, Democrat

State Representative, 24th Representative District
Joe R. Salter, Democrat (term limited)
Dean Crittenden, Democrat
"Frankie" Howard, Republican
"Randy" Sandel, Democrat
Mary Ann Wiggins, Democrat

Guffey Lynn Pattison, Democrat
Marvin Frazier, Democrat
Todd Alford McNeely, Republican

Clerk of Court
Dollie Moore Knippers, Democrat (Not Running)
Pollie S. Brandon, Democrat
Tammy Foster, Democrat

Carroll D. Ellzey, Democrat
Cindy Langton Manasco, Democrat

Police Juror, District 1
"Pat" Ellzey, Republican (Not Running)
Dennis Downs, Democrat
Willes D. Funderburk, No Party
Kenneth "Merle" Mitchell, Democrat
Thurman D. Stewart, Democrat
Billie W. Wilson, Republican

Police Juror, District 3
Rodney Hopkins, Republican
Jimmy R. Carnline, Jr., Democrat
Greg Ferguson, Democrat

Police Juror, District 5
J. M. "Bucky" Slay, Democrat
Heather Crump-Anderson, Republican
Howard Pennington, Republican

Police Juror, District 8
Albert Ezernack, Jr., Democrat
James Napier, Republican

Police Juror, District 9
William E. "Gene" Craig, Democrat
Nolan Patrick, Republican
Carlton Salley, Democrat
Bob Terrell, Democrat

Candidates Who Ran Unopposed

Warren L. Founds, Republican

Police Juror, District 2
Kenneth J. Funderburk, Democrat

Police Juror, District 4
William Ruffin, Democrat

Police Juror, District 6
Gerald Procell, Democrat

Police Juror, District 7
Jerry W. McDonald, Democrat