Red River Parish

The first name under each listing is the current office holder. The other names list candidates also running for that seat. Term limited means the person cannot run for that office again. Not running means the person is not seeking that office for re-election.

Member, BESE, District 4
Walter C. Lee, Democrat
Robert J. "Bob" Wynn, Republican

State Senator, 31st Senatorial District
Kenneth M. "Mike" Smith (term limited)
Gerald Long, Republican
Thomas Taylor Townsend, Democrat

State Senator, 36th Senatorial District
Robert Adley, Democrat
Tyler Nezat, Republican

State Representative, 24th Representative District
Joe R. Salter, Democrat (term limited)
Dean Crittenden, Democrat
"Frankie" Howard, Republican
"Randy" Sandel, Democrat
Mary Ann Wiggins, Democrat

Johnny Ray Norman, Democrat
Henry Horton, Republican
"Tom" Mangham, Republican

Clerk of Court
Stuart Shaw, Democrat
James "Popsicle" Demery, Democrat

"Becky" Craig, Democrat
"Chuck" Adcock, Democrat
Ashanti "Shorty Boy" Cole, Democrat
Walt Nolan, Republican

Constable, Justice of the Peace, Dist. A
Bobby "Blue" Richmond, Democrat
Earl Webb, Democrat

Police Juror, District 1
Wayne Upshaw, Democrat
Glynn H. Bamburg, Democrat
Willilam Brown, Democrat
Joey Pickett, Republican

Police Juror, District 2
Reggie Green, Democrat
Richard Dupree, Democrat
Mary Ann Longino, Democrat
Randy Thomas, Jr., No Party

Police Juror, District 3
Billy J. Gay, Democrat
John Lindsey, Democrat
Rex Woodard, Democrat

Police Juror, District 5
John W. "June Bug" Moore, Democrat
Michael Perkins, Democrat

Police Juror, District 7
Charles Kile, Democrat
Doyle Bell, No Party
Sammy Sledge, Democrat
Billy Ray Smith, Democrat

Candidates Who Ran Unopposed

Wyche T. Coleman, Democrat

Police Juror, District 4
Jessie J. Davis, Democrat

Police Juror, District 6
"Ben" Taylor, Democrat