DeSoto Parish

The first name under each listing is the current office holder. The other names list candidates also running for that seat. Term limited means the person cannot run for that office again. Not running means the person is not seeking that office for re-election.

Member, BESE, District 4
Walter C. Lee, Democrat
Robert J. "Bob" Wynn, Republican

State Senator, 38th Senatorial District
Sherri Smith Cheek, Republican
Alan Seabaugh, Republican

State Representative, 7th Representative District
Beverly Bruce, Democrat (term limited)
Richard "Richie" Burford, Republican
Kenny Ray Cox, Democrat
Dennis Freeman, Republican
Curtis Lee Green, Democrat,
Hilda Fair Rives, Democrat
John G. Russell, Democrat

State Representative, 24th Representative District
Joe R. Salter, Democrat (term limited)
Dean Crittenden, Democrat
"Frankie" Howard, Republican
"Randy" Sandel, Democrat
Mary Ann Wiggins, Democrat

Rodney Arbuckle, Democrat
Kirk Busher, Other
Curtis Shaw, Jr., Democrat
Bruce Vanderhoeven, Democrat

Police Juror, District 1A
Wallace H. Holmes, Democrat
Gerald "Jerry" Moncrief, Democrat

Police Juror, District 2
A. W. McDonald, Other (Not Running)
Verlin A. Hemphill, Republican
"Bryant" Yopp, No Party

Police Juror, District 3
Richard T. Burford, Republican (Not Running)
"Greg" Baker, Republican
Charles "Chuck" Gray, Republican
Kenneth D. McCoy, Republican

Police Juror, District 4A
Wayne Williams, No Party
Bobby Boyd, Democrat
Jasper Davis, Democrat
Richard Fuller, Democrat

Police Juror, District 4B
Roy Jones, Democrat
Jeff L. Heard, Democrat
Charlie O'Neal, Democrat

Police Juror, District 4C
Clyde "Coach" Washington, Jr., Democrat (Not Running)
Terence Davis, Democrat
Harris James Green, Democrat
Dianne Jones, Democrat
Ernel Jones, Democrat
Deabraid A. "Puncho" Lewis, Democrat
Thomas "Cooter" Welborn, Republican
Earnest "Will" Wilbert, Democrat

Police Juror, District 4D
Sylvester Mayweather, Democrat
Anthony Quinn Davis, Sr., Democrat
William "Will" Richardson, Democrat

Police Juror, District 5
Reggie Roe, Democrat
Huey P. Evans, Sr., Democrat
Edwin D. "Bo Bo" Scott, Democrat

Police Juror, District 6
Fred Jones, Democrat
Paul Evans, Republican
Bobby Joe Pratt, Democrat
Robert L. Rock, Democrat
Paul Simpson, Democrat
John Wayne Walker, Republican

Candidates Who Ran Unopposed

Clerk of Court
Ollie L. "Sonny" Stone, Jr., Democrat

Jimmy Stephens, Democrat

Jack "Doc" Grindle, Republican

Police Juror, District 1B
DeWayne Mitchell, Democrat

Police Juror, District 1C
Jarrell O. Burch, Democrat