INDEPENDENT - Anthony Gentile

This next Governor's election could be a turning point for Louisiana. The politics of the past and it continues today has left Louisiana with a very poor image nation wide. After two major disasters our creditabilty has sunk even lower. The sins of the past have caught up with us and the burden is heavy. I realize I'm a political unknown . I feel it's time for a non politician to step up and take the reigns and guide us out of this pit of dispair we've fallen into. The key is government working for the people not special interest groups. The Democrats and Republicans don't spend millions of dollars to get their candidates elected because they like them. They want a return on their investment. I look at your vote as an investment. Your trust in me to help guide the state towards a better day for you and your family, not just an obscure few. If you like what we have vote for the status quo. If you want a change, a change in a positive direction please give me an opportunity to serve you Afterall as taxpayers you deserve to have the man living in the Governor's Mansion fighting for you.

Teacher pay, Law Enforcement, and Fire Protection pay. There's an inexpensive way of accomplishing this. I did give the current Governor an outline of the plan for the teachers in early 2005. Nothing has happened yet.

The insurance industry in this state must be revamped. I'll be honest right now I don't know a lot about insurance but I do know the people of Louisiana pay too much! On a much more stronger note the aftermath of Katrina and Rita taught us what the insurance industry is all about. They're going to have to do better for Louisiana. ( I have to be honest State Farm treated me good.)

Being a father of two young men a major concern is the job market in Louisiana. We need new industry bad! The minimum wage must be improved. If not on the national level then on the state level. With what Louisiana contributes to this country, with a lot of it's citizens just surviving day to day is a tragedy.
If you're looking for a change in government, a new start, please pass on my message. Spread the word. I don't have much of a campaign budget right now.; Word of mouth is the best form of advertising there is!