T. Lee Horne III was born in Athens, GA and raised in Franklin, LA. He is currently President of Brumby Enterprises, Inc., a managing partner of Horne Partnership and a member of the Board of Directors of Emerald Land Company.
"My goal is the remind my generation of and begin enacting the pledges we made back in college to make the world and better place by ending and staying out of Viet Nam type wars, by ending discrimination based on race, religion, sex or social beliefs and by ending governmental prohibition on behavior between consenting adults. I believe my experience in dealing with varied commercial and business problems and experience in dealing with people qualifies me to be your candidate in 2007 and Governor of Louisiana in 2008."
Here's a brief look at his thoughts on various issues:
Crime rates go down when offenders must compensate their victims, and responsible citizens are permitted to carry concealed weapons. The police must be given incentives to emphasize prevention of violent crime and to focus on finding violent criminals rather than non-violent and victimless crimes.
Violence seems to be a hallmark of our society. Our homicide rate is higher than most European nations; our children are even gunned down in their schools, often by other students.
Establishment politicians want to "get tough" on crime with more gun control laws, longer prison sentences, and larger police forces. Yet robberies, rapes, and homicides go down when states permit civilians to carry concealed weapons. Studies show that longer prison sentences, although costly for the taxpayer, won't deter criminals. Still others show that prohibition, whether of alcohol or of drugs, doubles the homicide rate by empowering organized crime.
Won't all these guns make our society more dangerous? Just the opposite! In 1999, 824 people died from firearm accidents, while the defensive use of guns saved approximately 400,000 lives, in most cases without even wounding the aggressor. Gun bans disarm victims, putting them at the mercy of murderers (or terrorists) who think nothing of breaking the gun laws.
The unfettered free market is the best equalizer. Excess regulation and government spending destroy jobs and increase unemployment.
Establishment politicians think that government is an agent of economic development. However, government cannot give you what it does not take and the only place to take from is your pocket - private business - the only true employers.
From 1987 to 1992, the number of regulators swelled once more to pre-1980 levels and the nation fell into recession. The 3.5 million newly-created jobs were destroyed as a result. The number of regulators has continued to increase, costing additional jobs as well. Was your job among them? Will you be unemployed when the next wave of government regulation hits?
More government regulation and spending translates to less wealth creation. Less wealth creation means fewer goods and services, less health care, higher prices. The resulting lower standard of living means that people can no longer achieve the American Dream, even with both spouses working full time.
The job of teaching is beyond price. The teachers I know and the teachers I had did it because they believe in teaching. It is and was a calling much like ministers and nuns and doctors that I know. Yes there are some exceptions but especially among teaching and religious professions the rule is good.
What can I do to encourage teachers?
First and foremost, class sizes 20 (20 -24 with a full time teachers aid) maximum first grade to fifth grade. That way, when the critical first lessons in reading and mathematics are taught, the teachers have a good chance of having enough time to help the few who need extra attention getting started in learning.
For the sixth grade through eighth grade, no more than 24 students in a class (24-30 with a full time teachers aid).
Ninth grade through twelfth grade, 30 maximum (30-35 with a full time teachers aid).
These are absolute numbers not average numbers. Just because one class has 15 does not mean that the administration gets to total all classes and divide the total number of students in a grade or school by the total number of teachers. Furthermore, ONLY teachers count as teachers. For this purpose, teacher's aids do not count as teachers, administrators do not count as teachers. Janitors do not count as teachers. Do not mix apples and oranges so to speak.
Everyone benefits from a well educated public in the state. You want your children and your friends' children and even your enemies' children to be well educated and financially successful. It is in your self-interest. Well educated and prosperous citizens pay more taxes to pay for better hospitals, nursing homes, higher social security, in short better everything for everybody.