By volunteering for only a few hours or days a month, you can make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. Volunteers can choose to work directly with our patients and families, in administrative activities at Odyssey offices or in community functions, such as health fairs, memorial services or bereavement assistance meetings.

Our volunteers provide companionship and support for patients by reading to them or writing letters for them. They may run small errands or give caregivers a brief respite by staying with the patient. Volunteers with professional certifications provide legal or accounting assistance. Others may use their talents or help patients with arts and craft projects.

All volunteers receive special training and are under the direction of a staff member responsible for Odyssey's volunteer program.

To express your interest in volunteering, locate the Odyssey location nearest you and send a brief e-mail about your interest with the link provided.

Give us a call: Shreveport 318-868-8788    or Minden area  318-377-5100