History of Innovation

"Firsts" in the ArkLaTex Achieved by our Practice

The physicians and staff of Cardiovascular Consultants, LLP, have a long-standing tradition of leadership and innovation in the field of cardiology. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to fostering the state-of-the art in cardiovascular care has resulted in the practice and its members achieving numerous "firsts" in cardiology for the ArkLaTex. The following is a partial listing of the achievements credited to our team:

  1. Implantation of the first dual chamber pacemaker device.
  2. Performance of the first intracoronary stent procedure.
  3. Performance of the first rotational arthrectomy procedure.
  4. Performance of the first directional arthrectomy procedure.
  5. Performance of the first Transluminal Extractional Cath (TEC) procedure.
  6. Performance of the first aorto/iliac repair via stent.
  7. Provision of the pre and post-operative care for the first heart transplant performed in the ArkLaTex.
  8. Provision of the pre and post-operative care for the first minimally invasive (Port Access) by-pass surgery performed in the ArkLaTex.
  9. Operation of the first in-office nuclear cardiac imaging system.
  10. Provision of the first in-office cardiac event monitoring.
  11. Provision of the first in-office trans-telephonic pacemaker checks.
  12. Operation of the first Website by an ArkLaTex cardiology practice for dissemination of patient education information.