What are Flat feet?

When the arch in the foot loses strength, this main supportive structure begins to collapse which causes the foot to literally flatten. Discomfort from flat feet often doesn't occur for years.

The causes of flat may be the result of arthritis, trauma, or musculoskeletal disorder. Also, some people are simply born with flat feet. Incidentally, flat feet can lead to problems with your lower ankles, knees, hip or lower back.

Symptoms of Flat Feet

The biggest symptom of flat feet is the increasing strain which is felt on your feet and calves. Also, flat feet are relate and may cause other problems such as hammertoes, bunions, heel spurs, arch strain, corns, neuromas, and sagging joints.

The Foot Institute Approach to Treatment

Committed to the health of your feet, non surgical care such as strapping may be recommended for flat feet. Strapping is simply taping your feet which will temporarily help maintain the proper position of the feet. Also, anti-inflammatory medication or soft, semi-flexible, or rigid shoe insert may help relieve the pain caused by flat feet.

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