Testimonial #3

How do I adequately thank you for allowing my mother a death with dignity and comfort? The nurse was wonderful, very capable, patient, and calm. The clinical manager's sense of humor and heartfelt laugh always lightened the day. The tranquil effect of the social worker, the understanding ear she always extended was truly amazing. The nurse aides were always tender and caring. Every phone contact was efficient and empathetic. The road was rocky and tense at times, as all grieving periods must be. But you all certainly guided and smoothed the way as best as possible. As my mother would say, "you are all so super, super".

Thank you so much for all the support and caring you gave us and our wonderful mother during her last days. It was certainly a comfort and a joy to be able to spend that precious time with her at home where she always felt the most comfortable. Thanks to people and organizations like Odyssey that we are able to enjoy the end of loved ones journeys here on earth.

LP Phoenix, AZ