Testimonial #2

It has been over a month since my mother died. You may not remember her, but she and I will never forget you. My mom only lived for a day and a half at home with hospice care, but you came the night before she passed and helped me bathe her.

My mother was always such a lady and concerned about being clean and having perfume and lotion on-almost to the extreme. She loved to dress pretty and have her hair done. I 'm sure it was a great comfort to my mom to feel refreshed again before she died. The hospital didn't have the time or the staff to care for her as gently and compassionately as you did.

As an aide your job must be very difficult and thankless with long hours and hard work dealing with dying patients. It takes someone special, extra special to perform these duties. God has blessed you with a precious, compassionate heart. I can never quite explain to you what it meant to me to have you care for my mother. With all of my heart, thank you and may God bless you.

RG Atlanta, Georgia