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Odyssey Services

Hospice is not a place; it's a concept about the quality of life as it nears its end for the patients and their families and friends. Even when medicine cannot provide a cure, it can offer comfort, care, and assistance that can help maintain a better quality of life for the patient. This type of attention, called palliative care, involves the aggressive treatment of physical and emotional pain and symptoms. It focuses on enhancing a patient's comfort and improving quality of life.

Hospice is based on the belief that through sensitive, appropriate care and the support of a caring community, terminally ill patients and their families can begin to prepare to face the inevitable challenges ahead. Centuries ago, a hospice was a shelter for travelers. Over the years, it evolved into a refuge where people could find care, comfort, and support during difficult times in their journey through life.

When a patient's physician certifies that hospice care is appropriate, one of Odyssey HealthCare's nurses will admit the patient to our program within three hours - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The nurse and an Odyssey physician, who specialize in understanding and treating pain, will develop a plan of care to ease the discomforting symptoms of the patient's condition. Under Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance programs - Odyssey will provide medical supplies and equipment associated with the terminal illness such as bandages, catheters, oxygen, hospital bed, wheelchair and walkers at no cost to the patient. Odyssey will also provide medications associated with the terminal illness to help relieve symptoms at no cost to the patient.

To locate Odyssey service areas, request additional information, or admittance to Odyssey's hospice care, please visit our Odyssey Locations page.

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